Tasting Day at Curradine Barns

Gorgeous Curradine Barns on a delicious Autumn day, welcoming their couples who have come to taste all that lovely food from Galloping Gourmet  (and test all that lovely wine) :)

I love going to these tasting events. I'm not a fan of wedding fairs (so I don't do them - it's all a bit 'salesey' for me, and makes me cringe) But when Curradine asks me if I'd like to join them, I know I can pop a few books on a table and then disappear to take lots of sneaky pics instead.

It's a fantastic opportunity to meet and catch up with some of the venue's other suppliers, so a good natter is always on the cards. And I get to bump into some of my couples, who are set to marry at the 'Barns. Bearing in mind my frankly awful memory for faces until I've actually photographed them (whereupon they are in there forever!), this does lead to a few awkward scenarios when I don't recognise people!!

In fact, I had this exchange with the lovely Liz and Will: "Hello, haven't you booked your photographer yet?" (when I spotted them browsing through my abandoned books) "Er...yes. We booked you!"*aargh! In fairness, it took me about 8 years to recognise the people who live over the road from me if they said hello anywhere else but outside their actual house. My husband despairs. Thankfully my couples popped over and reminded me, just to prove that my clients are the best!

I've popped links at the bottom of the blog to the other folk who were there yesterday; Entertaining, chatting to folk, helping out and being all-round ace. It's a solitary sort of existence being a wedding photographer, so any opportunity to meet up is kinda brilliant.

Anyway - with the 'Barns looking beautiful and their trusty crew all scrubbed up, smelling nice and ready to greet their upcoming bride and/or grooms to be, here are a few images from yesterday...

Supplier superstars who kept me company and I look forward to bumping into again soon:

Jelly Photography (with their brilliant green screen photoboothery): http://www.jellyphotography.co.uk/

Tom Humhpries who is of course TH Photography: http://www.th-photography.co.uk/

Ben Vickers musician (I have a massive thing for his excellent beard and tatts - shhhh!): https://www.facebook.com/vickersbeard/

Long Barn Flowers (always a pleasure): http://www.longbarnflowers.co.uk/

Darren Campbell the Witch*: http://darrencampbellmagic.co.uk/

Wedding & Party DJ's (we pass like ships in the night at weddings so always nice to have time for a chinwag): https://www.weddingandpartydjs.com/

Nero String Quartet: http://www.nerostringquartet.com/

*he's actually made of magic