Styled Bridal Shoot at Curradine Barns

Ooooh, I hadn't done a styled sort of shoot before! My friend (and ace Make up Artist) Michelle G asked me way back in the early part of this year if I fancied doing a creative boho shoot with her, and we finally got round to it. Huzzahs for diaries!


With beautiful dresses provided by The (award winning!) Dressing Rooms Bridal of Halesowen, amazing hair twiddler Valerie of The Big Hair Day, Michelle herself on MUA duties, and the indescribably beautiful Gaby who kindly agreed to be our guinea pig....I mean, 'model', and of course with a location as perfect as one of my favourite venues Curradine Barns, I knew we'd have the very best time.

I also saw it as a perfect excuse to have a muck around with some smoke bombs (love 'em!) and Gaby was a bloody rock star. She is in fact a super talented Make up Artist, who often works alongside Michelle - but I had clocked her for a photogenic type some time ago and jumped at the chance to bully her into being in front of the camera. I admit, I also tried to make Wedding Co-ordinator and all-round organising wizard Toni from Curradine hop in a dress, but she ran away shouting 'nooooooo!' (sorry Toni!) I had the lovely Lucy too who I asked to bunk off her photography lessons at college and come along for assistant duties.

Gabrielle is also hilariously petite - so if you could have seen the tippy toes and random rocks we made her stand on so the dresses didn't drag along the ground, you'd laugh at her as much as we did (sorry Gaby- from one short-arse to another)

Here are a bunch of images from yesterday...

An ENORMOUS thank you to...

Curradine Barns (for accomodating us so happily and being all round perfect):

Michelle of course, for her mad MUA skills:

Gabrielle for being beautiful, funny, brilliant and dressing up for us:

Lovely Valerie for hair arrangement of the highest order and that gorgeous floral hair-piece fresh from her own garden (we waited 'til Valerie had gone before we ruined the up-do so I could have a few 'down hair' shots - sorryl!!):

Lucy O'Boyle, for skipping college (with permission!) and being our assistant extraordinaire

Sainsburys for the bunches of flowers I picked up in the morning and wound some string round to make a half arsed pair of bouquets #cheapskate We want a proper florist next time! ;)