Sarah and Tom at Curradine Barns

Tom and Sarah married yesterday on the Aprilest of April days...

Despite the grey and rainy weather, spirits weren't dampened - we even managed to leg it outside once the rain finally stopped!

It was lovely to see the ace Claire Bache and Valerie of the Big Hair Day on respective face and hair duties, whilst Kimmy Loves Cake knocked it out the park with an elegant semi-naked tiered number.

Curradine as always served up some top scran courtesy of Galloping Gourmet and because no-one gives two hoots about the weather, the ice cream cart came inside to serve up cones for everyone :)

Right...I've been up since very silly O'clock this morning and my brain has stopped working, so on the basis that a picture tells a thousand words, here's some images which will tell you way more about Sarah and Tom's epic day than I can...

Curradine Barns:





Band: I don't know! Sorry - hopefully Sarah can let me know ;)

Congratulations Sarah and Tom, you nailed it so completely I'll never care about a rainy day again! x