Jo and Tom at The Mill Barns

What a weekend...Mel Gibson, a Lip Sync Challenge and all the weddingy brilliance I could ever want! It must be Tom and Jo's long awaited doooo....

Jo and Tom married at the beautiful Mill Barns in Shropshire on Friday and it was indescribably ace. So indescribably ace, that I'm just going straight to the pictures. That, and I'm knackered and can't think of words...I think this little lot speaks for itself anyway ;)

JamJar Weddings and Events was my wing as the brilliant Nadia was there to bring venues to life and sprinkle magicky venue dressing gorgeousness all over the place. Like a leaky gravy boat, but with beautiful weddingy stuff.

See? Too tired to word good...

The fabulous Christian Fletcher came along and wizarded up the venue with sorcery and dark arts:

The Three Videographers Gruff in the guise of Life is Art Visuals were on hand for all things moving-image (not at all gruff  - I just felt like saying it. They were in fact all beardy and gorgeous and fab to work alongside):

Tom himself should get a mention, as our gorgeous groom is also a videographer and photographer at Patch Pictures whom I heart rather a lot:

Nadia...lovely Nadia. She is JamJar and she does everything:

Accessories by the amazing Louise of Lilly Dillys:

I'll pop details for the cakes as well as Jo and the girls' make Up and hair as soon as I know who they were! :D

Congratulations Jo and Tom on being legendary in every way possible...