Rachael and Darren at Huntlands Farm

Daz and Rachael married yesterday in a Humanist ceremony at the beautiful Huntlands Farm in Herefordshire...

Ooh, I have such a venue crush on this place! I was lucky enough to shoot here a couple of years ago for Sarah and Paul, so when Daz and Rachael got in touch, I was all over it! Despite the grey skies (and being very lucky that the forecast rain didn't hit us until everyone was safely tucked away in the marquee) Huntlands is such a treasure trove of barns, outbuildings, the farmhouse itself and the surrounding farmland, that it honestly didn't matter at all.

The vibrant colour palette of the wedding lit up the place, absolutely reflecting the warmth and fun of the couple themselves and their guests. Bonus wedding points awarded for the metric tons of confetti (you can seriously never have too much!)

I had the best time, and I hope it shows in this smattering of sneaky peek pics...

Weddings at Huntlands Farm: http://www.huntlandsfarm.co.uk/

Celebrant Lisa Siembab: https://www.embracetheday.co.uk/

Event planning and catering by Country House Occasions with James' Kitchen:



Flowers: Argh! Rachael's lovely friend, I'll get her name and add it here as they were perfecto!

Face and Hair: Another of the bride's lovely and talented friends!

Chickens: www.chickensforweddings.com

Sheep: www.sheepforweddings.com

Dancing: www.darrensspecialmoves.com

Congrats you fab pair you! xx