Sara and Lee at Curradine Barns

Lee and Sara married yesterday at the always perfect Curradine Barns, surrounded by friends, family and balloons…

With Helena Shakespeare on MuA duties, Sara and her girls were daubed up a treat. They also got ALL the bonus Bridesmaid Points for doing such an amazing job of decorating the dressing room. More sparkly rose-gold balloons please!

Always a pleasure is working alongside the fabulous Libby Blunt on videographer duties too.

Other Amy Wedding Points* randomly awarded to:

Jimmy Choos obvs

THAT dress

Sara in THAT dress

The Barns being as gorgeous as ever

Rose gold bridesmaids being all sparkly and wotnot

Lee’s fist bump/handshake/high five combo move

Sneak peek incoming…

(*wedding points have no cash value, or indeed any actual value whatsoever. I just like handing them out)


Helena Shakespeare Make up Artist:

Ooh that cake!

Huge thanks as always to Toni for being the Co-ordinator’s Co-ordinator and making my days at Curradine so fun and easy :)

Ooh those flowers: Niche Flowers

Ooh that harpist Helen Haggerty:

Ooh that food by Galliping Gourmet:

Libby Blunt Videographer:

Very importantly, the balloons were all supplied by Balloon and Away of Wombourne:

Sara and Lee, you nailed it you clever sausages :D