Kate and Tom at Davenport House

Tom and Kate marrried yesterday at the beautiful Davenport House, nestled in the Shropshire countryside..

It was my first time at this venue, and I was over the moon to find a host of familiar faces from Galloping Gourmet, running the day like clockwork and serving up delicious lovely lovely foooood!

Lawn games, music, great food, drinks with fruit in…Weddingy perfection in fabulous surroundings. Have a butchers why dontcha!

Having Emma Shuttleworth on hair and make-up duties, the prettiest florals by Ginger Lily and venue dressing by https://www.gingermoonhire.co.uk/home meant we were on to a winner from the get-go. Topped off by that amazing cake by the lovely Maisie Cakes (who lives over the road from me - I highly recommend living in close proximity to an ace cake maker): https://www.mymaisiecakes.co.uk/

Synergy Live Band were chucking out musics all day from the ceremony right through the evening do whilst still maanging to beat a couple of small children at lawn games: http://synergyliveband.com/

I’m off to the garden centre to buy some perennials ttfn…