Heather and Matt at Deer Park Hall

Oooooooooooh! Doesn’t even come close to the noise I made when I saw Heather’s Couture Company dress for the first time on Saturday…

Heather and Matt married in an outside ceremony at the amazing Deer Park Hall in Worcestershire, with celebrations that included a bubble display, glitter bar, videographer Stu being intimidated by stags and a fire performance which was just breathtakingly superb.

I took a load of pics didn’t I…Here’s a few of them :)


Venue: http://deerparkweddings.co.uk/

Getting Ready Cottage: https://www.cotswoldcountryretreats.com/hollowcombe-cottage

Mua was the lovely Amy Laney: http://www.amylaney.com/

Hair by the also lovely Jemma Stanley: https://www.instagram.com/jemhairstyle/

Flowers by Camomile and Cornflowers: https://www.camomilecornflowers.co.uk/

Cake by the Red Cake Co: https://theredcakecompany.co.uk/

Bubbles and Flames by Flambe Circus: http://www.flambecircus.co.uk/

Crepe van: http://thelittlecamion.co.uk/

Glitter Bar: https://www.facebook.com/wishuponasparklemakeup

Photobooth: https://www.madeyoulookphotobooth.co.uk

Dj Deckheds: http://www.deckheds.co.uk/

THAT DRESS!!! By the Couture Company: https://www.the-couture-company.co.uk/

Videographer Stu of Skies are Blue: https://www.skiesareblue.co.uk/

Other wedding spplier heroes:





And a massive thank you to co-ordinating superstar Daisy who ran around all day keeping everything running so beautifully - as well as lovely Laura of https://www.instagram.com/laurawinfield_photography who came along for the ride and became an expert smoke wrangler!!! xx