Megan and Tom at Curradine Barns

Yesterday being both Easter Sunday and April Fool's Day, Meg and Tom decided to get dressed up,  put on some music,  invite all their favourite people along and re-brand the day as 'Meg and Tom's Wedding Day'. Adjust your diaries folks...


Floral arch? Yep. Big giant light up letters in case Megan and Tom forget their own initials? Yep. Little choccy bunnies because Easter? Yep. I could list the ways in which their wedding brought all the awesome, but who even reads this stuff anyway? Look at some pics instead...

The lovely Libby Blunt was on videography duties and also along for a bit of photogrofaffing  was the brilliant Lisa Webb, second shooting on medium format film, like a boss!


Curradine Barns (first outing for their brand new ice cream bikey trike, did you notice?!):

Cat at Bewdley Blooms supplied the florals:

Rebecca Frances coloured in Meg's face beautifully with her MUA skillzzzzzz:

Megan and the girls' hair(and Tom's!) was expertly jiggled, coaxed and tickled into place by hair stylist Brooke Payton:

That gorgeous cake by Kimmy Loves Cake (I also love cake so keep trying very hard to make friends with her at every wedding we meet at. I'm  just creeping her out by now tbf):

Fab DJ Stu of Amanda Jayne Events rocked up to er...rock up the evening doings by playing records and such:

Paul the Best Man: Should have a website, because I don't think he stopped all day, organising and sorting things out. Dude's a machine and should really consider hiring himself out for weddings!

Also a big thank you to young Fred, one of Tom's nephews who took on the mantle of Guest Book Polaroid Photographer as frankly he was better at it than everyone else.

...and his brother who fell asleep on the sofa. Sorry not sorry that I took pics ;)

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Jones!! xx