Curradine Barns Showcase

I never pass up an opportunity to hang out at Curradine for one of their events!

It was their first Showcase of the year, and I happily waddled along to take a few pics, and generally mill about trying not to look as though I’m flogging my wares as that always gives me the heebie jeebies (and why I don’t do wedding fayres *shudders*). That’s probably why you’ll notice a lot of shots taken by me quite obviously hiding behind things, as I do…

It is such a nice opportunity to have a bit of a catch up with Curradine’s team as well as fellow wedding suppliers - we rarely meet in person as is the nature of working in this industry, so you’ll see a list at the end of the blog there with names and links of people who are just brilliant at this wedding stuff.

Curradine Barns Weddings:

Galloping Gourmet:

The Big Hair Day:

Michelle G Make up Artist:

Venue Styling and Flowers by Floyd:

The Wedding House of Droitwich:

Dan Greenaway (guitarist):

Nero String Quartet:

Paul Willetts Photography: