Angie and Nat at The Mill Barns

Woohoo!! It’s only bloody 2019, and my very first wedding of the year, and it’s a birrova corker.

For a start, who knew cheeky aprons could be so brilliant? And is that a hyper-realistic storm trooper outfit? Why’s that guy’s face all covered in blue smoke? Could this wedding BE any more gorgeous? These questions and more are not necessarily answered in this mahoosive sneak peek blog.

Happy New Year even though it’s technically been this year for a month.

Angie proved herself to be a heck of a talented venue stylist, putting together the whole look herself and prettying up the already beautiful ‘Barns like a rose-gold boss!

I would gas on about the incredible deep jewel tones in the florals, the girl’s cold-shoulder skarkly aubergine frocks, the delish looking cakes, Angie’s dress, those gold shell-toes, Nat’s inability to cry on command, the Father of the Bride singing, that teddy bear, dancefloor doughnuts… but you’d probably not bother reading it anyway.

Suffice it to say, if your wedding day doesn’t end up with you licking a storm trooper’s face, then you need to have a word…

Bring on some sneak peek pics!

Handy wedding skillz linkydinks:

Light up letter from Penny Lane Vintage:

Emma Shuttleworth on hair duties with the Mum of the Groom:

Bridal hair and make-up - Eleanor Nicholls:

Videography was by Tom of Life is Art Visuals with help from Andrew Maguire Photography, doing the video thang for a change:

Cake - The Strawberry Bakery:

Flowers - The Bloom Collective:

Wizard - Jester Styles:

Guitarist - Dave Busby:

The Mill Barns Venue - oof, delivering on all fronts: