Olly and Leanne at Curradine Barns

Olly and Leanne married yesterday at Curradine Barns on the hottest day in the history of hot days (er…probably)

I bumbled about, getting all sweaty and grody, taking pics and laughing like a drain at Leanne’s superb team of drunken bridesmaids who just wanted to clamber about on hay bales and chuck flowers around - exactly my kind of wedding party.

Bonus points this time go to: Leanne for falling over and putting up with us laughing at her (sorry!), for also getting stung on the little toe and telling off the stinging nettle, the cutest flower girls and page-boy running around like it wasn’t a bazillion degrees outside, bridesmaid boyfriends who were forced to run around in a hot cornfield just to please their lasses.

All in all, a perfect day then! here are some pics to prove it… :D

Congratulations O&L I’m off to the pub ‘cos it’s bank Holiday Monday….